Project Description

When our clients three boys were quite young, we helped them expand a snug home that would accommodate their family needs. Those boys are now all accomplished professionals living ‘away’ and with their own family plans. Jane & Ed were at some cross-roads: do they sell their comfortable Cape Style home and relocate, or renovate in a way that would suit both their days as a couple and their days as grandparents hosting a growing family? It was not difficult for them to arrive at the conclusion that renovations were the best fit. The project description was remarkably simple: reconfigure two interior spaces and replace a marginally used three-season porch with a multiple use all-season Sun Room. Jane informed the design process with her fine eye for features and consistency of style. The Kitchen, Family Room and Sun Room reflect her ability to transform in a transitional style. Jewett Farms was the perfect choice for kitchen cabinetry given their ability to design and craft in a style that suits each client project. Sean Scanlon coordinated the overall construction, lending his experience to the successful completion of the design. Jane & Ed now enjoy a transitional design that perfectly accommodates their transitioning family.