Project Description

In the late 1990’s, Ben worked with John and Irene on an addition to their suburban Colonial Revival style home.  In 2012, they embarked on a project to construct a new contemporary style home on Plum Island.  They called Ben and asked him if he knew any contemporary architects he would recommend.  They thought that he only worked on traditional styled homes.  Once they were “on board” that Benjamin Nutter Architects could deliver the style of home they desired, they dove right into the design.  Challenged by strict zoning and coastal requirements, the new home could only be 1440 square feet.  Every inch became precious.  Every room needed to take advantage of the amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.  Although the zoning restrictions were stringent, they offered clues that informed the shape, location, and final design of the home: zoning challenges were met.  Nicknamed “Steelhenge” during construction because of the impressive steel skeleton that supports the home on the dune, the exterior of the home has cues from John’s Naval past.  There’s even a bow on the ocean side.  The inside may be modest in size, but the 1800 square feet of exterior deck space makes up for it.  From the roof top “Flight Deck”, you can get a 360 degree view and if there’s a storm coming, the best place to watch is from the “Control Tower” just inside.  And if you’re at sea at night, look to see if you can spot the color changing LED lighting along the perimeter.  Their family will enjoy this fun and vibrant ocean side fortress for decades.