What do these have in common?

  1. Home Slicker®
  2. Shark Skin™
  3. Zip System™ Tape
  4. Cora Vent™
  5. Protecto Wrap®
  6. Drain Plane
  7. Vycor®
  8. FlexWrap™
  9. Sikalastic®
  10. 3M Flashing Tape™

All these products are relatively new building materials and methods intended to assure that structures near or in the path of wind-driven rain stay dry. Essentially they are weather protection – foul weather gear and Gortex – for your home or office.

Detailing with 21st century materials and collaborating with savvy carpenters we can achieve a weather proof structure. None of us wants to take a bath if your building envelop suffers a water leak.

As with most building construction challenges, weather protection starts with a well-informed design process.