Project Description

Built around 1910, the Dorman Barn has been used as a workshop, for farm storage and as livestock stalls for several previous owners.  When Nathaniel and Gillian purchased the property in 2015, their intention was to restore the land, which has a conservation restriction held by Essex County Greenbelt, to a working farm.  Their vision was to establish a sheep farm and cheesery.  Ben had worked with the previous two owners on substantial renovations and additions to the farmhouse on the property. It was a natural choice for Nathaniel and Gillian to select Benjamin Nutter Architects to collaborate on their design goals for the Cheesery.  Lillooet Cheesery will produce cheeses made from milk produced by 100 sheep.  Their mission to treat the land and animals with respect did not stop there.  The Dorman Barn stood on the site of the proposed cheesery.  Although not the easiest solution, their “Yankee roots” directed them to save the barn.  The task was to safely move the timber-framed barn about 700 feet, across a narrow stone bridge, and into a new resting place to the south side of the farmhouse.  The Dorman Barn has a new purpose over 100 years after it was originally built.  It will be a workshop to support the farm, house two stalls for dedicated animal care, and a new addition serves as the implement storage for the farming equipment.  In the coming years, a small area of the Dorman Barn will function as a community farm stand for patrons to purchase the delicious cheeses made in the cheesery.